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Friday, 20 October 2017
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Caving can be a very strenuous activity and also has the potential to be dangerous and sometimes life threatening.  Following these guidelines will help to keep your trip safe:

  • Always include experienced cavers in the party. Seek the advice of local experts and act on it.

  • Take notice of the local weather forecast and ground conditions. Flooding can happen very quickly and violently.

  • Perfect ladder and rope techniques above ground before attempting them underground.

  • Make sure you carry at least one reliable headlamp for each person. Without light you are trapped.

  • Ensure that you wear clothing and footwear suitable for your trip. 
  • Always carry emergency lights, food, first aid kit and survival bag.

  • Leave a note of your trip and latest time of return with a responsible person.  Make sure thay are aware of how to contact the cave rescue. Confirm your safe exit with them.

  • Pick a cave or pothole within everyone's capabilities and be sure of the route to avoid becoming lost. Ensure all members of your party are skilled in the techniques needed to progress within the cave.

  • Check ropes, ladders and belays before use and ensure they are rigged properly before hanging your life on them; check that ropes are long enough and always knotted at the lower end.

  • An accident underground is always easy, rescue is difficult, sometimes impossible.  Mosts accidents are caused by falls, loose boulders, rising water and exposure.  Take special care in these situations.

  • Your exit from the cave can take much more effort than entry - plan your trip with the return in mind.

  • Never cave alone without considerable experience and take advanced safety precautions.

  • The BRITISH CAVING ASSOCIATION is recognised by the UK Sports Council as the National Governing Body for caving.











Photo by Stu Gardiner

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