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Friday, 20 October 2017
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For your first caving trip you should be able to borrow a lamp and helmet until you decide whether you want to go caving again. You may be able to borrow some other specialist clothes, such as a waterproof oversuit, and other gear. However, don't worry if you can't, the following will be suitable for a first trip:

Helen Brooke in OFD - Photo by Stu GardinerHELMET: With a Y chin-strap and lamp bracket. 

LAMP: Any reliable lamp can be used providing it can be attached to your helmet to leave your hands free. 

OLD WARM CLOTHES: Perhaps thermal underwear, pullover,  thick socks and tracksuit trousers.  (NOT jeans as they drag when they get wet.)

WATERPROOF JACKET & OVER TROUSERS: These can be covered with a boiler suit or 'overall' to protect them. 

BOOTS: Well-fitting wellingtons with non-slip treads are best, otherwise boots without hooks for laces

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