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Friday, 20 October 2017
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For most cavers, joining a club is the easiest way that they can go caving regularly and safely.  Clubs provide an opportunity to meet other people with the same interests where up-to-date knowledge can be shared.


Clubs often have a hostel or 'hut' in a caving area with reciprocal arrangements with club hostels in other regions.  They arrange 'meets' or caving trips as well as evenings in their local home town and they may also have a library and a store of equipment for the use of members.

Happy CaversFor a beginner, the best clubs to join are those which have a training programme involving surface practice and beginners' meets.  Some clubs expect people to join in with normal trips where some previous experience is advisable.


For legal reasons some clubs may have a minimum age for joining of eighteen. However there are some which allow young people to join at the age of sixteen, so it is best to check.

Information on clubs may be obtained from this site (in the club list section) and all clubs who are members of the British Caving Association will also have details on www.british-caving.org.uk.


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